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While many physics based puzzle games see you clicking to add or remove items from the screen, few allow you to actually create items within the environment based on lines or objects that you draw. That's the case in Draw Line from Big Fish, as you're given the chance to click and drag your mouse across the screen to create lines that will, in theory, help a beach ball make it into a cup on the screen.

While drawing a straight line from the ball to the cup might sound like the right solution on every level, you'll need to take gravity into account, as the ball may gain so much speed that it bounces off of a nearby obstacle and misses the cup altogether. Furthermore, stars are scattered throughout each screen, so you'll need to do your best to draw a path for that ball that not only hits the cup, but also hits the stars along the way.

Adding even more complication to some levels, you'll only have a limited amount of lead to draw lines on the screen, and many levels contain obstacles that block the straight line theory altogether, as you may need to draw ramps or slides for the ball to maneuver to the side of the screen and back again to avoid a piece of wood, as an example. Eventually, more than one ball will be added to the screen as well, so you'll need to make sure you have enough drawn lines to guide both balls into the cup without falling.

While Draw Line may sound complicated in writing, it's a simple, pretty game in practice that's easy to pick up and play a few levels at a time. If you'd like to do just that, you can play Draw Line for free right here on!

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