CoasterVille Jungle Theme: Everything you need to know


What good is a theme park without new themes of items to fill it? Fortunately, it looks like we won't have to find out, as a brand new theme has joined the medieval, fantasy, and western themes in CoasterVille. This new theme brings Jungle items to the game, including a massive Jaguar Temple and series of quests that are available once you've reached 2,500 Popularity in your park.

While many of the items in the Jungle theme also require at least 2,500 Popularity points to unlock in the store, others are locked behind quests, which is essentially the same thing. Still, we do know what sorts of items we can look forward to, as the Jungle items are marked with a green and white logo in the store.

Here's a full list of the items in this theme, along with their requirements.

Jungle Obstacle Course - 2,500 Popularity Required
Garden Walk - Quest Required
Rock Wall Climb - 3,100 Popularity
Jammin' Jeeps Ride - 3,600 Popularity
Vine Swing - 4,150 Popularity
Lava Pots - 4,700 Popularity
Lost River Rafts - 5,300 Popularity
Arowana River Ride (Custom Ride) - 3,475 Popularity

Piranha Kabobs - 2,500 Popularity
Explorer Outfitters - 2,850 Popularity
Traveler's Canteen - Quest Required
Ancient Treasure Gifts - 3,875 Popularity
Amazon Cafe - 4,425 Popularity
Tribal Hunt Shop - 5,000 Popularity
Ancient Ruins - 2,500 Popularity
Big Head Statue - 2,500 Popularity
Sword Fern - 2,500 Popularity
Sword Fern Cluster - 2,500 Popularity
Bamboo - 2,500 Popularity
Royal Tree Fern - 2,500 Popularity

Bromeliad - 2,500 Popularity
Tree Fern - 2,500 Popularity
Red Canna Plant - 2,500 Popularity
Bamboo Fence - 2,500 Popularity
Tribal Jungle Arch - 2,500 Popularity
Wicker Bench - 3,000 Popularity
Toucan Palm Tree - Quest Required
Tribal Shield & Spear - Quest Required
Jaguar Statue - Quest Required

As you can see, once you hit the 2,500 mark, you can go absolutely wild decorating your park with new Jungle-themed items, and if nothing else, these items give you something to shoot for when planning the growth of your own park, even if it will take you a while to unlock them.

Keep in mind that the Jungle quest line comes with a full five chapters of content to finish, so make sure you're finished with everything else before jumping into this to save your patience in the long run. Good luck unlocking all of these items in your game!

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