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While many physics-based puzzle games ask you to manipulate blocks by clicking on some to make them vanish while others fall into their place, few have such cute graphics as a new offering on - Blinkz 2 from Colombo and Mochi Games. Blinkz 2 contains blocks of different shapes and sizes, all with eyes that blink as they wait eagerly to either be clicked on or reunited with other blocks on the screen.

In most cases, you'll have two pink blocks that are separated by blocks of different colors in columns or rows. You can click on blocks in any order that you'd like, keeping physics in mind as you try to prevent the smaller of the two pink blocks from falling off of towers or platforms and into the virtual abyss. Timing is everything in some levels, as you may have two blocks that must be removed from a single level of a tower. In this case, as an example, you'd need to click on both of these blocks as quickly as possible to stop the tower from leaning, throwing everything above it off track.

As you go on, you'll unlock bomb blocks that can send the tiny pink block flying, or you may need to create ramps with longer, narrow blocks to guide the pink block across chasms and into its pink partner on the other side of the screen.

Stars appear on the screen as you destroy blocks, and you'll need to hover your mouse pointer over them to earn more points. The more points you earn, and the faster you complete each level, the more level stars you'll earn for each stage, with three being the maximum. You can replay each stage as many times as you'd like to increase your score or earn more stars, and if you ever get truly stuck, you can click on a "Walkthrough" button in the corner of the screen to see a walkthrough for each of the game's levels via YouTube.

If you'd like to try your hand at reuniting cute pink blocks, you can now play Blinkz 2 for free, right here on!

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