What's The Word? Unseats Temple Run 2 For iPhone Top Spot


For the past week, Imangi Studios' Temple Run 2 was the number one free iPhone game. That changed a couple days ago, when RedSpell's immensely popular What's The Word? bumped the endless-runner from its throne.


With hundreds of puzzles to solve, What's The Word? tasks users with figuring out the one word linking four seemingly random images. Meanwhile, Temple Run 2 builds off its predecessor with fast-paced action, as players guide an adventurer through ancient ruins, hitching rides on zip lines and in mine carts.

Considering Temple Run 2's success, and the fact that it's less than two weeks old, it remains to be seen how long What's The Word? can hang onto its top spot. That said, Temple Run 2 is still the number one free iPad game, just in case you're keeping score.

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