What's downloadable this week, Nintendo? 1/31/2013


Ah, yes, it's the time of the week when Nintendo releases a bunch of digital titles for your downloading pleasure (or in some cases displeasure). Whether you dig 'em or not, though, we're going to cover 'em! So without further delay, here are this week's Nintendo downloads.

First up, we've got the physics-based puzzler Puddle on the Wii U eShop. If you'd rather not spend money, you can check out a demo for The Cave. The Wii keeps on chugging along, this time offering up Metal Slug 4 on the Virtual Console for 900 Wii Points.

On the 3DS eShop we've got a 2D action game titled Bloody Vampire. If you don't dig fanged creatures, there's also Witch's Cat. You can also check out Ikachan, one of the earlier works of Cave Story creator Studio Pixel for $4.99. Then there's the NES classic Ice Climber, also priced at $4.99. Rounding out the portable downloads is 99Moves on DSiWare, an old school-looking action game that will run you 200 DSi Points (or $1.99 for 3DS shoppers).

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