Twitch is covering League of Legends and Dead Space this weekend


You got to give props to Twitch this weekend, they are getting it done. Through covering four events and an interview via internet stream, you have the opportunity to follow eSports and watch the earlier games of a trilogy build into the third and newest game at its midnight launch.

Below are events being covered via press release:

OnGameNet League of Legends Winter Finals

  • Saturday February 2nd, 12AM PST

  • Watch Azubu Frost and NaJin Sword battle to take home the trophy and the title of OGN League of Legends Winter 2012-2013 Champion in this highly anticipated grand final.

Don't Sweat it Friday!

  • Friday, February 1, 3PM PDT

  • In his continuing mission to tackle impossible odds without breaking a sweat, MANvsGAME follows up his QWOP run with an equally difficult challenge: Super Meat Boy.

Dead Space with the Creatures

  • Monday, February 4, 7PM PDT

  • Tune in as The Creatures tackle the Dead Space franchise and score downloadable content and instant win prizes from EA. It all starts Monday with Dead Space 1 and 2 and leads into the midnight release of Dead Space 3. Slim Jim and EA have joined forces to offer gamers codes inside Slim Jim wrappers that unlock downloadable content from Dead Space 3. Every code wins, so grab a Slim Jim for your chance to get Dead Space DLC today or hundreds of other instant win prizes.

Privateer Press Keynote

  • Friday, February 1, 7AM PDT

  • Privateer Press is streaming their 2013 keynote presentation - featuring their biggest announcements of the year- right here on Twitch. This year's keynote presentation will be broadcast live on February 1, at 10AM EDT. In addition to showing off several exciting new games Privateer's releasing this year, they're also celebrating the ten-year anniversary of WARMACHINE with big announcements for the game and its organized play.

Interview: Video Game Championship Wrestling

  • Over on the Twitch Official Blog, we spoke with Bazza87, the creator of Video Game Championship Wrestling. Learn about one of the craziest channels on Twitch and how its popularity seemingly defies conventional wisdom when it comes to what people traditionally look for in a broadcaster.