Sony to unveil PS3 successor, codenamed 'Orbis', on Feb. 20 [Report]

PS4 controller
PS4 controller

For years, new console announcements were usually reserved for large trade events, like E3 in Los Angeles, CES in Las Vegas and GDC in San Francisco. After Sony recently teased an event that will map the future of PlayStation on Feb. 20, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources "familiar with the matter," that Sony will indeed reveal the fourth PlayStation.

Codenamed "Orbis" and referred to in offhand comments as the "PS4", rumors have circulated regarding the specifics of the next major Sony game console since last year's E3 conference. The Wall Street Journal's report doesn't dive into those nitty gritty details, but goes so far as to report that the so-called PS4 will see a release in 2013 in time for the holidays.

Given that Nintendo has a head start on Microsoft and Sony with its Wii U console already available, it wouldn't be surprising to see both the next PlayStation and Xbox to launch this year. But with Sony taking a more Apple-like approach to its product announcement, and likely Microsoft to follow suit, what does that say for E3 and other events? We'll see in five months.

Until then, enjoy the teaser below that hints at absolutely nothing. We've reached out to Sony for comment.

[Via Kotaku]

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