Path of Exile open beta trailer showcases classes, abilities and awesomeness


I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying the hell out of playing my Witch on the Path of Exile open beta. While certain parallels between this game and Diablo are certainly there, I can't help but feel that Path of Exile succeeds on almost every front where Diablo III just fell somewhat short.We were recently invited to a Path of Exile event which allowed us to check out a lot of the content that awaits players in the game. From the extensive customization options, the randomly generated maps for extreme replayability, to the item and skill customization, players will have tons to do in the game.


Though it's an MMO, it still plays like an old school Action RPG. It's still split up into three Acts that can be tackled again on higher difficulties once beaten. However the mutliplayer aspect is much more emphasized here. Towns act as hubs where players can group up to tackle difficult quests together.

Make sure to check out Path of Exile which is completely free to play right now.