iOS And Android Games Of The Week: February 1, 2013

January 2013 went out in style with several high-profile releases, including a wonderful iOS gem from Chillingo. On the Google Play Store, an old favorite received a welcome update, bringing it closer to its PC counterpart. Which titles claimed the top spots? You're about to find out.

iOS: Pixel People [Download]ModojoAt first glance, Chillingo's Pixel People appears to be just another world-building game with 8-bit style graphics. Dig beneathModojo the surface, and you'll discover an outstanding effort that'll easily become your newest addiction. The goal? Welcome residents into your city and splice their genes to create new Pixel People to populate this virtual world; up to 150 different occupants. Love blossoms, people get to work and you'll earn money for new buildings. Ultimately, though, much of your enjoyment will come from mashing folks together.

Pixel People Review

Pixel People Cheats And Tips

Pixel People Cheats And Tips: All The Professions

Android: Minecraft Pocket EditionModojoMojang released another update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The result? A great game is even more entertaining. The 3D world builder now has baby animals, fancier clouds, signs, armor, new blocks, an improved d-pad and other useful things, none of which will necessarily save you from the skeletons and other monsters lurking about. Considering the work the developers have put into this title, we can't help but wonder what the future holds.

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