Here is 30 minutes of gameplay from God of War: Ascension


The release date isn't that far off now, but for those that just can't wait to see Kratos tear sh*t up can feast their eyes on this 30 minute gameplay demo, which showcases Kratos being... well Kratos.


Expect to see Kratos being pissed, killing anything and everything in his path, and doing it in style too. Slash them in pieces, use their weapons on them, and bathe in their blood. This is God of War after right? You can also expect Kratos to take on enemies that are infinitely bigger than him.

If you're into Football, and you're going to watch that ghastly Superbowl this Sunday, at least make sure to tune into

GameZone to watch the God of War: Ascension live-action spot, or you know, just head on over to the PlayStation YouTube Channel and watch it there.

God of War: Ascension is set to release March 12, 2013.