Go play Akaneiro: Demon Hunters now, and support the Kickstarter


The crazy mash-up of Little Red Riding Hood and Japanese samurai folklore, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, is officially live in the first open-beta. You can sign up and hop in the game to start slashing some evil demons and wolves as one of three classes.

Akaneiro launched with 20 maps of content with more on the way. Steam Greenlight will allow Akaneiro to be placed on the downloadable service in the future. However, more features will come if the project is fully funded on Kickstarter, such as Linux and mobile version, and additional systems including co-op gameplay and equipment crafting will be arriving in the near future.

The game will be free regardless, however it does have a $20 "unlock all maps" one time purchase option for those that want to get all the content immediately.

To play Akaneiro now, players need only visit the official site at http://www.angry-red.com and sign up. Also make sure to check out the Kickstarter and go help fully fund this fantastic looking game.

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