Eve Online is still going strong and having a Fanfest in April


The cult classic MMORPG Eve Online has almost hit the decade status of total life span. The game came out in May of 2003 and still to this day has a powerful and loyal fan base supporting its every move. Due to all this success and fervor, Eve Online is having a Fanfest at the end of April. From the 25th to the 27th in Harpa, Reykjvik, Iceland this celebration of Eve Online will be a go. If you want to join the party you can order tickets HERE.

From the trailer is looks, half party, half convention, all Eve Online. People attending will have the option to listen to developers talk, hear the latest on Dust 514, see events, presentations, and games. Most importantly you'll be hanging with a huge community of people who love the same game you do.

Iceland is nice in April right? I've always wanted to visit. A decade strong is quite remarkable for any game let alone an MMOPRG. Eve Online deserves a party.