Dead Space 3 story trailer contains death, love, backstory, and crazy cults


We've all gone through our 'crazy cult' phase in our lives at one point or another – it happens. Well here's the thing, if you're blindly following a religious cult that wants to turn humanity into Necromorphs to be "made whole," you may want to duck out of that show before it becomes fatal. The whole dying to become a mindless murdering machine is a hard sale on the enlisting pamphlet.

Just today, Dead Space 3 has released a story trailer giving fans a taste of what's coming to Tau Volantis in less than a week now. From the trailer it appears that Ellie from Dead Space 2 has a team coming to look for her. It seems that she has plans to destroy the markers and that there is a budding romance between Isaac and herself. Once her team arrives it seems they didn't know what they were getting into and a bit of mutiny could occur. Now mix in psychotic Unitologists and a whole slew of Necromorphs trying to stop Isaac, Carver, and Ellie and you got yourself Dead Space 3.

All the Unitologists want is rebirth from man's sins... what horrific events have to occur to make this goal a reality doesn't matter now does it?