CastleVille Valentine's Day Items: Everything you need to know

If you were playing CastleVille last Valentine's Day, you'll likely recognize the items that are once again being advertised in the game's returning Valentine's Day theme. Almost all of these items were available last year, and just like last year, you'll need to spend Crowns to unlock most of them. We're here with a complete look at the items that are available to purchase, including costumes, animals, decorations and more. Let's get started!

Bear Chest (Female) - 12 Crowns
Bear Chest (Male) - 16 Crowns
Bear Head (Male) - 9 Crowns
Bear Head (Female) - 4 Crowns
Bear Legs (Male) - 7 Crowns
Bear Legs (Female) - 8 Crowns
Love Stallion - 25 Crowns
Valentine Balloons - 1 CrownHeart Sheep - 23 Crowns
Pink Peacock - 29 Crowns
Stuffed Bear - 8 Crowns
Tree of Love - 9 Crowns
Valentine Banner - 5 Crowns
Valentine Rug - 20 Reputation Hearts
Valentine's Swan - 26 Crowns
White & Heart Fence - 1,000 coins per piece
Winged Pig - 16 CrownsThese items are listed as only being available for a "limited time," but whether or not they'll ever actually disappear from the store is up for debate. It's still worth purchasing these items for your Kingdom sooner, rather than later though, just in case.

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What do you think of these returning Valentine's Day items in the CastleVille store? Did you purchase any of these items last year, or are you just getting around to purchasing them now? Sound off in the comments!
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