Battlefield 3: End Game brings dirt bikes and capture the flag to the table


Have you ever snuck behind someone in Battlefield 3, stabbed them, took their dog tags, and then thought to yourself... I wish I had a dirt bike right now? Well you should have. If you never have, don't worry, they are coming regardless with Battlefield: End Game. After watching the trailer, found below, it's hard to deny how sweet those dirt bikes look in action.

Besides the dirt bikes, End Game is also returning the Capture the Flag game mode to players. Hell, if you want, you can even combine the two and capture the flag while dirt biking. Why not? In the trailer the gameplay looks like any scripted chase in any war game. The difference here is that this could be your multiplayer experience in any match. For that, I say it's awesome.

BF3 Premium Edition
BF3 Premium Edition

Also, coming March, is a little thing called the Battlefield 3: Premium Edition. This comes with BF3 and all five expansion packs. Did you need to finally catch up on some Battlefield 3 action? March will be your opportunity to get the whole kit-and-caboodle in one place.