Top 10 iPhone And iPad Games Of January 2013


Has a month gone by already? It hardly seems like yesterday since we were tucking into mince pies and gorging ourselves silly on turkey. Fortunately, January's release schedule provided a whole new feast of tasty new mobile games. If you're looking for the must-have App Store games in January 2013, here's the cream of the crop.

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes

We waited for Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. Then we waited a bit more. And then, finally, the game was released on the App Store last Thursday. A faithful port of Capybara's classic puzzle RPG was the reward for all this patience, and we can't think of a better game to start 2013's first monthly round-up with.

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Joe Danger Touch

Many have tried to shoe-horn physical controller schemes onto their touchscreen ports, yet very few have succeeded. Fortunately, Hello Games made the decision to create a different, yet familiar, installment in the Joe Danger universe which makes a virtue out of touchscreens. All of the original series' fun can be found here, with none of the fiddliness you might expect.

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Riven for iPad

We were looking forward to Riven for iPad before we'd even finished last year's 3D edition of Myst. The wait was more than worth it though, given this stellar port of Cyan World's enigmatic adventure sequel. It's a pricey app, but worth every penny - and unlike realMyst you can enjoy it regardless of the iPad model you own.

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Pixel People

Pixel People might only have come out today but it's already knocked us off its feet. Expect one of the finest empire-building games on the App Store, complete with breath-taking pixel art and a unique citizen cloning system that ensures the experience remains fresher than most. This one's going to be big in 2013, and with good reason.

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Kingdom Conquest 2

If you like a bit of dungeon-crawling, but are also partial to empire-building and global conflict, then you won't go too far


wrong with SEGA's Kingdom Conquest 2. This hybrid game packs in a good deal more variety than the average mobile title, and will keep you busy for months to come. Alliances and multiplayer domination await the persistent player.

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Time Surfer

From the developer of Bean's Quest comes Time Surfer, a game inspired by Tiny Wings but packed with enough originality to claim a place of its own on the App Store charts. Slick retro graphics are combined with a clever rewind system to make this one of the most refreshingly original runners to land on mobiles in some time.

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Regular Modojo readers will know what suckers we are for slick and original puzzle games, and Hundreds certainly fits that bill. The challenge seems simple as you slowly expand the size of circles to reach that magic figure of one hundred, but satisfying complexity is soon woven into this tantalizing challenge.

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The Blockheads

Don't call it a Minecraft clone. The sandbox construction world of David Frampton's The Blockheads has captured the imagination of a whole new audience. You can mine and build to your heart's content, manage multiple industrious characters at once, and create some absolutely beautiful buildings in a title that's sure to dominate in 2013.

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Temple Run 2

Where do you go after delivering one of the most famous titles in the history of mobile gaming? Imangi's answer for this sequel is to polish the experience up with some fancy new graphics, introduce some new mechanics, but above all else stay faithful to this endlessly appealing endless-runner series.

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Table Top Racing

Another relatively new release to make this month's round-up is Table Top Racing. From the talented hands of an ex-Wipeout developer, this Micro Machines-esque title is sure to entertain the nostalgia crowd with its generous selection of tracks that cover workshops, sheds and kitchen surfaces. Anyone for ice-cream van racing? Thought so.

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