The Japanese version of BioShock Infinite will also have Japanese voice overs


As an American geek, I'm pretty used to watching or playing Japanese titles badly dubbed over with American voice acting. That's just how things go. If your young, lazy, or don't realize that English subtitles are almost always better than dubs, you've probably encountered this before. It makes me wonder though, how many English games and movies get bad Japanese dubs before going across the western pond?

This question leads me to Take Two and Irrational Games' take on BioShock Infinite. Damnit, Japan deserves a good Japanese dubbed version and so they shall get one. Take Two has announced that they will giving BioShock Infinite full localization for Japan. Booker will be voiced by Keiji Fujiwara and Elizabeth is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, for those wondering. This version of the highly anticipated game will be out in Japan April 25th and it is meant for Japan only.

I'm excited for this and sort of sad I won't be able to turn on the Japanese voices for my second or third run through. That would have been entertaining. You win this time Japan! Why isn't Infinite out yet...