Steam Greenlight now has skip, follow, share, and stats options

GameZoneValve has implemented some new features to Steam Greenlight. The options are meant to improve the overall user experience, and there's even a new feature for the developers putting their titles on Greenlight.

Next to the "Yes" and "No" voting buttons you'll now see an option that reads "Ask me again later." Clicking on this will add titles to your queue for one month, at which point they'll once again enter circulation. Of course, if you wish to check these games out, you can do so via the new "Items to Revisit Later" menu.

You can also "favorite" specific items to follow their progress. Any posts from developers regarding those particular games will be sent to you via a notification. You can follow collections if you'd like, and you can post announcements for individuals interested in those collections to see.GameZone

As far as devs are concerned, Greenlight now features a new stat-tracking option. Studios can see how many people are following, viewing, and voting for their titles.


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