Little Inferno iPad Cheats And Tips


Last year, Tomorrow Corporation released its parody of freemium gaming Little Inferno for the PC. The game was released on the App Store for 2nd-gen and higher iPads today, and we gave the game 3.5 out of 5 Stars in our review. If your current efforts aren't exactly setting the world on fire, have a look through our handy hints and tips.


- Tomorrow Stamps allow you to gain access to your new fuel much more quickly. Simply tap on the item that you want to speed up and spend one of your Stamps.

- Make sure you play around with the new objects that become available. Some will allow you to spread fire much more efficiently.

- Keep an eye out for the coins which sometimes appear in the fire - you need to tap on these to add them to your collection, so you can buy new items to burn.

- Batteries are great for spreading fire around the whole grate. You'll get three of them with every purchase you make, so spread 'em around - when they explode, they'll set fire to plenty of new material.

- If you want to access new catalogs, you need to collect the stars that unlock them. You do this by burning combinations of objects together in the fireplace.

- You can see which combos you still need to complete by tapping on the icon on the top-right of the screen, then scrolling down the list.

- Most of the combo solutions will be either a play on words, or include a word that's also in the name of the object. Play around with combinations to see what you can unlock!

- If you want to get a really nice fire going, consider laying down some of the toy blocks along the length of the grate. You get a handful of them with each purchase, and if you time things right you can build up a serious inferno.

- If you've run out of money completely and can't buy anything at all, create a flame over the little spiders that scurry around. A few gold coins will drop from them so you can get your fire going again.

- If you want to keep the flame going longer, the Cold Metal Heart burns for a long time, and draws flames along the length of the fire grate.

- If you want to be able to order in more objects, you can increase the size of your mailbox by tapping the cross symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Each slot costs extra coins though, so make sure you have plenty in the bank.

- Like the message on the loading screen says, never ever play with fire in real life.


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