If you can grasp it, try TripleTown maker Spry Fox's new Leap Day

Leap Day
Leap Day

Maybe I'm just dense, but I just don't "get" the newest creation by Spry Fox, the creators of critically-acclaimed match-3 town builder TripleTown. It's name is Leap Day, and it was co-developed by Spry Fox and Sparkypants Studios. According to the former, this is a free-to-play, cooperative multiplayer game that sees players solving complex pathing puzzles (a la Lemmings), crafting items and covering new ground.

Available only through Unity, Leap Day players lay down paths to guide adorable little Flan characters past resources and past hubs for crafting and profit to forge paths to new areas. Simply put, after just a few minutes with it, it's tough to describe Leap Day without sounding vague. It seems to take more than a few rounds to truly grasp the concept, so here's Spry Fox's concise description:

Join forces with up to seven other players, over the course of four real days, to help the cute but single-minded Flan recapture their homes from the frozen wastelands and ghosts of their ancestors. It's a puzzle game unlike any other. There are massive crafting networks. There are infinite problems to solve (with the help of friends and strangers alike.) There are adorable Flan hopping, chugging, and wobbling everywhere in service to their Flannish princes and princesses. If a Spanish restaurant and Toys-R-Us had a baby, it might look something like this.

Like all games from Spry Fox, it is free-to-play, but the in-game items and boosts that are up for sale aren't thrown in your face like most games in the space. For that alone, this is worth a shot, but you'll probably stay to keep looking at those cutesy little flan dudes.

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