10 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require A Bachelor's Degree

best paying associate degree jobs

With college tuition rates soaring, many people are reconsidering whether they need a four-year degree. Statistics show that adults with a bachelor's degree, in general, vastly out earn their lesser educated counterparts. But could you earn a good salary -- even up to six figures -- with just an associate degree from a less-expensive trade school or community college?

CareerBuilder (an AOL Jobs sponsor) recently gathered data from more than 90 national and state employment resources and found plenty of high-paying jobs that don't require a four-year degree, though some may require professional certification. The career website says these 10 occupations were tops when it comes to pay, based on median wages paid to U.S. workers.

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10. Engineering Technician (except drafters): Helps engineers and scientists in research and development, specializing in various areas.
  • Median annual salary: $58,698
  • Educational requirements:* Employers typically require applicants to have an associate degree in the specific engineering discipline, i.e., civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.

Find a job as an engineering technician.

9. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician: Operates equipment used in developing and testing new aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Median annual salary: $61,547
  • Educational requirements: Increasingly, employers are seeking candidates who have earned a degree or have earned certification from a trade school in a related field. Positions involving national defense may require security clearances.

Find a job as an aerospace engineer and operations technician.

8. Fashion Designer: Creates clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • Median annual salary: $63,170
  • Educational requirements: Post-secondary education isn't required, though most fashion designers have had some formal education -- design school, for example -- where they learn design skills, including how to use computer-aided design, or CAD, technology.

Find a job as a fashion designer.

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer: Diagnoses medical conditions using special imaging equipment such as an ultrasound or a sonogram.
  • Median annual salary: $65,499
  • Educational requirements: Becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer requires an associate degree or a post-secondary certificate in the field. Many employers also require professional certification.

Find a job as a diagnostic medical sonographer.

6. Registered Nurse: Provides care and educates patients about various health conditions.
  • Median annual salary: $65,853
  • Educational requirements: Registered nurses usually take one of three educational paths: an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing, or a diploma from an approved nursing program. RNs must also pass a national licensing exam.

Find a job as a registered nurse.

5. Nuclear Technician: Assists in nuclear research and production.
  • Median annual salary: $68,037
  • Educational requirements: An associate degree in nuclear science or a nuclear-related technology is typically needed to gain entry into the field. Nuclear technicians also go through extensive on-the-job training.

Find a job as a nuclear technician.

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist: Prepares and administers radioactive drugs for use while scanning patients for abnormalities.
  • Median annual salary: $69,638
  • Educational requirements: An associate degree in nuclear medicine technology is typically required. Some states also require a license to work in the field, though requirements vary.

Find a job as a nuclear medicine technologist.

3. Dental Hygienist: Examines patients, cleans teeth and provides other dental care.
  • Median annual salary: $70,408
  • Educational requirements: An associate degree in dental hygiene is usually required to work as a dental hygienist. Each state also requires those in this field to be licensed, though requirements vary.)

Find a job as a dental hygienist.

2. Radiation Therapist: Treats patients cancer and other diseases through the use of radiation.
  • Median annual salary: $76,627
  • Educational requirements:Radiation therapists are required to complete a formal training program, which usually lead to an associate or bachelor's degree in radiation therapy. Therapists must be licensed in most states; requirements vary.

Find a job as a radiation therapist.

1. Air Traffic Controller: Manages air traffic to ensure safe flying.
  • Median annual salary: $113,547
  • Educational requirements: Air traffic controllers must be U.S. citizens; complete an air traffic management degree from a Federal Aviation Administration certified school; earn a qualifying score on an FAA pre-employment test; and complete training at the FAA academy.

Find a job as an air traffic controller.

*Source for educational requirements: Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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