EA's Origin going strong with an increasing user base

While Steam is still the top dog when it comes to purchasing digital content for your PC, EA's answer to that, Origin, isn't lagging that far behind. As more and more EA games are being migrated from Steam to Origin, it's easy to see why some people don't have a choice in where to purchase their games digitally.GameZone Origin has to this date registered over 39 million users, including 17 million mobile users. On top of that, EA has signed agreements with 86 independent developers for Origin.

It will be interesting to see how exactly this indie deal will work out on Origin. Steam has implemented the new SteamGameZone Greenlight feature which allows users to vote on select indie games. If enough votes pass, the game is cleared to be sold on Steam. If Origin turns out to be much more indie friendly, we could see a big shift from indie devs switching over to EA's downloadable platform over Steam.
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