ChefVille Aftertaste: Can the Catering Truck feature be saved?


I don't know about you, but I've never been a fan of catering in Cafe World, so when ChefVille received a catering feature of its own, the game's insane time limits and cooking requirements just weren't for me. That being said, I appreciated that Zynga left this feature to be entirely voluntary, rather than shoving it in our faces.

If you do enjoy the game's catering orders however, you've likely noticed that a set of six new orders was added to the game earlier this month. While these orders will still take a lot of dedication to complete, it looks like Zynga is trying to salvage the feature by making them not so impossible to complete. Take for instance the Yoga with Pippa order. This one requires you to cook just 18 dishes and collect just four items from friends over a period of three days for the Gold Medal. When compared to even the first catering order ever released in the game, which required you to cook a whopping 83 dishes and buy 20 decorations in two days for the Gold, it's easy to see how things have changed. Note: It's possible that these requirements are different for different players as Zynga's methods are a mystery.

I personally teamed up with another real world friend to share progress, and we both completed the Yoga with Pippa order in less than an hour. And you know what? Working together as a team in real time was actually a lot of fun. The next order, Rock Climbs Rocks, requires more work at 30 dishes in total, but it's still nowhere near as difficult as the orders in the first Birthday Parties chapter of the game.

That leaves us to speculate towards the future and how the catering event will continue to change in ChefVille. Is Zynga actively working to make the feature better, and easier to complete, or are these easier orders simply a coincidental release in the grand scheme of things? I can't be the only player that would actively complete these orders if they were all as easy to complete as Yoga with Pippa, but I suppose only time will tell. If anything, these orders are promising, as they show that Zynga may actually be listening to what we as players say.

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Have you noticed that the catering feature has started to become easier in ChefVille? Have you completed any of the "Healthy Catering" orders within the Catering Truck? Sound off in the comments!