Candy Crush Saga is kind of a big deal, so an infographic is only natural

Candy Crush SagaCasual games maker really doesn't want you to forget that its hit match-3 game, Candy Crush Saga, is number one on Facebook. And what other way for a piece of software to celebrate wild success than with an infographic? (It's like the pinata of the tech and games world, really.) With that reasoning, this list of factoids about frequently-played Facebook game was born.

Some key takeaways from this incredibly colorful set of facts? Well, a whopping 69 percent of Candy Crush Saga players are women ... and an interesting 1 percent of players are "unknown". The most common name among players of this sweet match-3 puzzler is "Maria"--there are 300,000 of them. The least popular? Woneda.

Of its over 9 million daily players (as of Jan. 16), a mere three (seriously cold) folks hail from Antarctica. (The Internet reaches that far? Who knew?) What's even more interesting than this infographic is thinking about how plans to maintain its lead over the rest, which according to AppStats, aren't terribly far behind.

[Via Inside Social Games]

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