Warframe Closed Beta Update 6 hits today, more Beta keys available!

Players who have been completing missions in the co-op focused online shooter, Warframe, will be treated to a whole new content update today. Update 6 brings a slew of new content that players will be able to experience immediately.GamezoneThe added content will include a new enemy on the new Grinner Asteroid Base. New mobility options include ziplining and wall running, which open up a whole new avenue of combat options. Two new Warframes join the cast, Nyx and Frost. Nyx is a psychic based Warframe while Frost is, appropriately, an ice-based Warframe. You can check out some of the new additions in action in this video.

Warframe is currently in Closed Beta, which means the only way you can access the game and all this sweet, new content is if you have a beta key. Lucky for you, we just got a lot more beta codes to give out to all of you!

Comment on this page either using your GameZone account or Facebook account. You'll then receive a Beta Key in your Private Messages. (Keep a lookout for an email alert)Gamezone
Once you obtain your Beta Key, go to www.warframe.com/signup to Create an Account or to Finalize your Account if you reserved on Warframe.com previously (note: please use the exact same email address and alias you reserved earlier)
Check your email! Warframe will send you an email with a link that will authenticate your account and bring you to the BETA KEY ACTIVATION PAGE (note: check your junk folder too)

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