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If you like your puzzle games to deliver the kind of headache that only a dark room and a lie-down can cure, then we thoroughly recommend checking out Turnacle. We reviewed the game earlier today and had much praise for its simple, yet challenging and satisfying gameplay. If you're looking for some useful hints and tips, have a read through our guide to this tricky puzzler.


- In order to complete a level, you need to make sure that every adjacent portion of each circle (horizontally and vertically) has the same color.

- Circles can be rotated in 90 degree increments. Note that a filled semi-circle of one color can be used to match up with up to three other color segments.

- Solving problems in the Puzzle mode is a little bit different to solving them in the Classic mode. If there's no circle next to the one you're working on, that's great as you don't have to worry about a color-match on that side. But you do need to complete the level within a certain number of moves.

- In Puzzle mode, try looking for colors that don't occur very often within each puzzle. This is a big clue that you need to work on drawing these particular color matches together before fleshing out the rest of the solution.


- You can take as many turns as you like to arrive at a solution in Puzzle mode, but you won't get a high score for doing so. Make use of the Undo function to trace your way back through the puzzle, and then repeat your work more accurately.

- To set a new high score on a Puzzle challenge, you need to complete it within a certain number of moves - this is listed at the bottom of the screen.

- Do start out with the beginner puzzles in classic mode, as this will teach you the core strategies required to tackle even the hardest of challenges.

- If a entire semi-circle is one color, take a look at all of the surrounding circles. If two or more of them have sections that are the same color as the semi-circle, that's a clue that you should bring those align those portions together.

- When you find yourself at a dead end, don't be afraid to back-track your work and try a different approach. Very often you can solve a puzzle by simply shifting the majority of the circles 90 degrees in the same direction!

- You should always begin a puzzle with a process of elimination. If a circle stands out because it can only be position in one way to match all adjacent circles, start there and then work backwards.

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