The Recap - 01/30/12 'TERA Free on Feb 5th, and Dead Space 3 modes detailed'

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Tera Image

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the days biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

Defiance to launch globally on April 2nd across all platforms

The extremely ambitious title,Defiance, which will incorporate both a game and a TV show on Syfy into one (hopefully) coherent experience.

Radagast is live in Guardians of Middle-earth with trailer

His character class is an Enchanter and his abilities are a mix of bonus attack speed, reduction in controlled effects, snares, true damage, silences, and slows. He's basically a crowd control machine which will fit nicely with any high damage dealers.

TERA: Rising going free-to-play on February 5


Action MMO TERA from En Masse Entertainment will be free-to-play starting on February 5.

Square Enix is having a 75% off week long sale for their online store

The Square Enix sale on Steam might have finished this past weekend, but it is still going strong on the official Square page.

The many modes of Dead Space 3 detailed

You think the game will be too easy with a partner? Trying playing game in Classic or Hardcore mode when you beat it.