New iPhone and iPad Games This Week: January 31, 2013

New games hit the App Store every day of every week, but the stroke of midnight every Thursday is the traditional time for the biggest and best games to make their grand entrance. So what's on the cards for this week? We've rounded up a selection of what's expected to be the cream of the mobile gaming crop, so you know exactly what to keep your eyes out for.


Pixel People

A glance at Chillingo's latest release might lead you to wonder what NimbleBit are up to these days, but put such thoughts aside you cynical thing. While it's true that the aesthetics of the game bear no small amount of resemblance to the likes of Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, Pixel People is something very different in the empire-building genre. We've been lucky enough to have early access to the game, and having played it all week we can assure you you're in for something special. Look out for our review tomorrow - we can't wait to tell you all about this one.

Table Top Racing

There's been a very unfortunate Micro Machines-sized gaming hole recent years, and ex-Wipeout developer Nick Burcombe has turned his attention to the table top racing genre with, well, Table Top Racing. Expect ice-cream vans and miniature


buggies racing around workbenches, kitchen tables and bedroom floors in this third-person racing game. It's out on the App Store very shortly indeed, but if you can't wait to find out what all the fuss is about, have a read of our recent preview.

Little Inferno

Regular readers of Modojo will know how grumpy the very worst kind of free-to-play cash-grabs can make us, so we're very excited about getting stuck into this tablet port of the PC title Little Inferno. Why are we so excited? Well, it's a parody of the freemium business model itself, and has players setting fire to an assortment of objects in order to earn enough currency to set fire to even more valuable objects. Look out for our review of the game tomorrow - we'll be having fun with this one.

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