Listing Fail: Outrageously Unsexy Listings

Lately we've been seeing a lot of listings described as "sexy" -- even though they're total turnoffs. While a home with a stripper pole is undoubtedly pretty darn sexy, we'd leave that term (and its cousin, "seductive") off most other listings. Let us explain.

Exhibit A: Incredibly Sexy Stunner Studio

The studio below isn't just sexy, it's "incredibly sexy" (with a winky emoticon for emphasis). And who knows, it could actually be just that -- but with the listing's main image being that of the busted laundry room, we're probably not going to keep looking to find out.

'Sexy' apartment ad shows laundry room.

Exhibit B: Sexy Kitchen

What this kitchen needs to be remotely "sexy" is a buff celebrity chef cooking us a meal with his shirt off. We suggest one of these guys.

'Sexy' apartment ad shows unimpressive kitchen

Exhibit C: Too Sexy for This Listing

This "SeXy" one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in New York's Prospect Park neighborhood is so unbelievably, controversially, mind-blowingly sexy that they can't even show a picture of it!!!! So "SeXy," perhaps, that it's not safe for work. ...

'Sexy' apartment ad shows a landscape of a park.

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