FarmVille 2 Sweetheart Tree: Everything you need to know


A dreamy new character has appeared on our farms in FarmVille 2. Say hello to Gus, a character created by Zynga that is a "hunky mix of Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt." Gus's arrival brings more Valentine's Day content to the game, as we have a chance to plant and grow a Sweetheart Tree, and collect Valentines around the farm. These are used to earn new prizes for the farm, including a Caramel Pygora Goat.

If you're used to previous holiday celebrations in FarmVille 2, this one works similarly, as the Sweetheart Tree will serve as your "hub" for this event, but you'll need to build it first. Gus will give you the tree for free, and it requires 10 Shovels, 10 Bags of Soil and 10 Wood Planks to complete. You'll earn these items via a combination of general news posts and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. Once you've collected all of these items, you'll be able to finish off the tree by asking four of your friends to be builders in your game.

With the Sweetheart Tree completed, you can collect Valentines in a variety of ways. Tend trees to earn Valentines at random, similar to how you earn prized crops elsewhere on the farm, or craft Valentines in the Crafting Kitchen. A single Valentine is created using one Milk Chocolate and one Candied Rose Petals.

Both of these items are recipes in and of themselves, with Milk Chocolates requiring Cocoa Nibs (ask friends) and Milk, and Candied Rose Petals calling for Confectioner's Sugar (ask friends) and Roses. As you collect Valentines, you'll be able to use them as "tokens" to redeem up to four prizes. Here's the breakdown of prizes:

  • Pink Planter - 15 Valentines

  • Bird Bath - 30 Valentines

  • Camellia Tree - 60 Valentines

  • Love Picnic Tent - 145 Valentines

Once you've earned at least one of each of these four prizes, you'll earn a special fifth prize for free: the Caramel Pygora Goat. If you continue to collect Valentines even after you've earned all five prizes, you can turn them in for duplicates of these items until the event ends on Feb. 19. And bless your heart if you manage that (... get it?).

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