Dunkin' Is Goin' to Vietnam


Just two weeks after Dunkin' Brands announced its intention to begin building Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in California, the company revealed today its latest expansion plan: Dunkin' is goin' to Vietnam.

The company already has a presence in the country, having begun building Baskin-Robbins locations (13 at last count) in Vietnam in Jan. 2012. Now, citing its "proven track record of success in the local restaurant industry," Dunkin' says it has signed a franchise agreement with Vietnam Food and Beverage Co. Ltd. (VFB), to help it develop the Dunkin' Donuts brand as well.

Over the next several years, VFB will help Dunkin' set up Dunkin' Donuts restaurants "across the country," beginning in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to its traditional coffee and donuts offerings, Dunkin' notes that its restaurants in Vietnam will also offer "regional menu items to cater to local Vietnamese tastes."

Investors aren't finding Dunkin' shares particularly tasty today, however. Dunkin' is currently following the market down, off 0.3% at $35.87.

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