Defiance to launch globally on April 2nd across all platforms

Defiance Image
The extremely ambitious title, Defiance, which will incorporate both a game and a TV show on Syfy into one (hopefully) coherent experience is set to launch globally on April 2nd on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The show which will then accompany the game will start airing on April 15th.

Those who want to get a look at what Defiance is about can check out the live action trailer below titled, Join the Fight. The trailer showcases the isolated, post-apocalyptic setting of Defiance with futuristic EGO technology and a Hellbug attack.

"In terms of ambition and scope, Defiance's transmedia features make it unlike any other entertainment experience," said Nathan Richardsson, Trion's VP of Development and Defiance Executive Producer. "After five years of development, it brings great pride to the Trion and Syfy teams seeing Defiance come to fruition."

GamezoneYou can preorder Defiance online and at major game retailers. The game comes in several bundles including Standard, Collectors and the very limited Ultimate Edition.

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