Game of the Day: Atlantis Quest


The location of the Lost City of Atlantis is one of the world's best mysteries, and whether or not this city will ever be found, we can't blame game developers from creating titles based around the same mystery. That's the case with today's Game of the Day, Atlantis Quest.

Atlantis Quest is a match-three puzzle game that requires you to do more than just create groups of three or more matching symbols. While making these vertical or horizontal matches is the main method of play, you'll need to also focus on fragmented pieces of artifacts that appear at random on the game board. These artifacts can't be matched in a typical fashion, and instead must be dropped to the bottom of the screen where they'll be collected and replaced back in the artifact's mold on the left side of the screen. Dropping these tiles is sometimes easier said than done, as you'll need to create matches with the symbols underneath each of them, limiting your options for combos and the like.

Each level is timed, but as you continue to play, you'll unlock power-ups that will help you out when you get stuck. A hammer can be used to break an individual tile, while a spade will destroy all of the tiles directly below an artifact piece, as examples. Do you think you'll be able to find the lost city of Atlantis (at least virtually)? Find out by playing Atlantis Quest on for free today!

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