The Chart That Terrifies Me


In this video, Austin Smith offers Foolish advice on investing in today's market. The Volatility or Fear Index is trading at a five-year low, which may presage a period of market decline. What to do? Buy solid, dependable companies, be cautious when the market gets greedy (and it's looking a tad greedy now), and be patient. Just as cream rises to the top, great companies, over time, beat the market.

Everyone knows Amazon is the big bad wolf in the retail world right now, but at its sky-high valuation, most investors are worried it's the company's share price that will get knocked down instead of competitors'. We'll tell you what's driving the company's growth and fill you in on reasons to buy and reasons to sell Amazon in our new premium report. Our report also has you covered with a full year of free analyst updates to keep you informed as the company's story changes, so click here now to read more.

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