Stratego brings classic turn-based strategery to Facebook, iPad, web


You know, sometimes it's hard to rope a friend into coming over for an hours-long session of Stratego. That's why Dutch developer Keesing Games and Royal Jumbo have opted to get with the times and release a digital version of the classic board game. But Keesing wasn't satisfied with just porting Stratego to modern platforms.

It had to be anywhere you are, with players available whenever. For Keesing, that meant cross-platform play. Available now on Facebook and for free, and on iPad for $6.99, this version of Stratego allows players to do battle across devices. Of course, the classic 40-on-40-piece game is present and accounted for, but the folks at Keesing have included a speedier 10-piece blitzkrieg mode for those sessions played on the go.
During a hands-on preview of the game, Dennis Maas of Keesing showed what a match between an iPad player and someone on looked like. Complete with real-time chat, leaderboards and a unified interface, Stratego seems like a true one-to-one experience between devices.

Granted, being free-to-play (in most places), Keesing plans to put dinner on the table through vanity and power-up purchases in Stratego. And if you're worried about players paying their way to winning, Maas promises that purist players will have their own set of matchmaking tools. If you're ready to take your first turn of Stratego in the social age, just click away.

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