Game of the Day: Snoring 2: Winter Edition


While Christmas may be long gone, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good physics puzzler that happens to have holiday music playing in the background and Santa hats on its characters. That's the case with today's Game of the Day, Snoring 2: Winter Edition, from Big Fish. As the name might suggest, the theme of this game is "snoring," as a sleeping elephant is snoring so loudly that it's disrupting all of its animal friends in the woods. You'll need to manipulate these animals in such a way as to make them roll or bounce into the elephant to wake him up, thus returning peace and quiet to the forest.

In each level of Snoring 2: Winter Edition, you'll have a variety of animals to interact with, and each animal behaves differently. Owls will drop down in a straight line when clicked on, while pigs and penguins will roll across the snowy, icy ground. Zebras will jump, giraffes will tip over, and cows can be clicked on more than once to stop and start their movement around a stage. There's a very specific path that these animals must take in each level to wake up the elephant, so your best bet is to observe a stage for a short time before making any movements, until you've figured out the right solution.

You'll earn stars and points depending on how quickly you complete a stage, and you can replay a level at any time in order to increase your score. The first few levels of Snoring 2: Winter Edition are pretty simple and tame, but they quickly become more complicated with moving platforms, bottomless pits and more. Do you think you have what it takes to wake this elephant up from his deep sleep? Find out by playing Snoring 2: Winter Edition on now!

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