SimCity video shows off many looks your city can have with the Digital Deluxe Edition

SimCity Image
SimCity Image

Those of you looking for a little European-design flavor in your SimCity game should look no further than the SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition, available exclusively on Origin when the game launches in March.

EA and Maxis today revealed a video showing off the three bonus city sets -- Paris, German, British -- and their accompanying iconic landmark. Upon selecting your city set, you'll have access to the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and the Big Ben Clock Tower, all three which are core components of the additional city sets.

In short, these sets change the architecture of the buildings in your city, allowing for a more diverse game experience. But these city sets are more than just building skins. When placing these landmarks, the surrounding buildings and vehicles will adapt and change to fit their style. A new video shows off exactly what I'm talking about, but below are the full details of what's included in the SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a lengthy SimCity beta playthrough, which you can read about here.

  • Paris City Set – Includes the Eiffel Tower, Parisian-themed buildings and the Paris police station Ploppable and French Police Cars

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    German City Set

    – Includes the Brandenburg Gate, German-themed buildings and the German rail station and unique German Trains

  • British City Set – Includes the Big Ben Block Tower, London-themed buildings and the London bus station and Double-Decker Buses