Ruzzle Cheats And Tips

Chris Buffa, Modojo

Ruzzle is one of several word games tearing up iOS and Android. In it, two people put their vocabularies on the line in three two-minute rounds to see who can come up with as many words as possible from a 4X4 grid of letters. It's fast-paced, frantic and one heck of a good time. That is, unless you lose. On that note, we'll help you enjoy the sweet smell of victory with this Ruzzle cheats and tips guide.


-Always go for singular and plural words whenever possible. Did you just spell the word RAT? Is there an S nearby? RATS is a no brainer.

-There's no penalty for non-words. Just start over.

-Once you highlight letters, they'll remain highlighted until you remove your finger from the screen.

-Occasionally glance at the clock (top left) to see how much time remains, but don't obsess over it. Quickly spelling words is the top priority.

-Score bonuses by using letters with DW (double word), DL (double letter) or TL (triple letter).


-The final round contains the most double words, double letters and triple letters. It's a great way for you to crush friends or come back from deficits.

-Stuck on one letter? Don't waste too much time. If your brain has run out of letters beginning with the letter T, move on to another.

-Go Premium for extra features. Premium costs $2.99 and grants players access to stat tracking, Practice mode against the computer, eliminates ads and lets them host unlimited games.

-You can view the tutorial again from the options menu, located on the top right corner of the screen.

-If you don't take a turn in 72 hours, your opponent automatically wins.

-You can only view the last 10 completed games at one time. Games are kept a maximum of one week.

-When in doubt, just haphazardly spell words and hope for the best. This is a last resort, and not very effective.

-Download a cheat app. We refuse to add links or point you in a direction. That said, we've heard a variety of apps exist that will give you an edge, but come on. Keep it clean.

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