Pre-order Dead Space 3 on Origin and receive the original Dead Space for free

Dead Space 3 Image
These days, it seems that every game distributing company is trying to get you to pre-order through them with specific bonuses and perks. Well, since EA owns Origins, it gives them a bit more leeway in what they can offer as benefits to ordering with them. Right now until February 4th, if you pre-order Dead Space 3 with Origin, you will receive the original Dead Space for free.

GamezoneIf you're a huge Dead Space franchise fan, then you probably already own Dead Space and want some other motivation for signing with Origin. There are four other reasons you may consider doing so. You will unlock two in-game suits and two in-game weapons. All four item are SCAF designed and will better prepare you for legions of Necromorphs on Tau Volantis: Witness Suit, First Contact Suit, Evangelizer Weapon, and the Negotiator Weapon.

If this deal interests you, order it on Origin today. Think of the original Dead Space as being the cherry on top of the deal.

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