Fight as the mighty Magneto in Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook


For the first time in Marvel: Avengers Alliance (and possibly in a Facebook game), you get to play the villain. In an update issued by Playdom that's filled with new characters and quests, Spec Ops 6, you're given the chance to play as Magneto. Surely, there is an explanation for this within the story, but all we care about is that we get to blow s**t up as the Master of Magnetism.

In Spec Ops 6, players will tackle enemies like Dragoness, The Living Pharaoh and The Living Monolith in order to rescue Cyclops's brother Havok and recruit him as a playable character. However, players can also collect special lock boxes for besting bosses and completing missions across the game. Keep reading: This is key to recruiting the mighty magnet maestro.

While you have the option to open each lock box as you collect them, you'll want to wait until you gather at least 10. Turn in 10 lock boxes and you'll score a collectible classic Marvel comic book cover. Collect all eight of those, and Magneto is yours. And considering that Avengers Alliance still has nearly 1 million daily players, there's no doubt you'll see plenty of Magneto floating around soon enough.

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