Listing Fail: Apartments That Are Stunningly Average

As writers (and occasional apartment hunters) there's nothing that peeves us more than deceptive descriptions in listings. (We wrote a whole article about it.) More specifically, there's nothing that peeves us more than the misuse of the word "stunning." So inappropriately ubiquitous is this adjective that many of us have completely forgotten its original definition. (Which is, according to Merriam-Webster, "strikingly impressive in beauty or excellence; causing astonishment or disbelief.")

Well, not that we're real estate geniuses or anything (maybe a little), but "strikingly impressive in beauty" is definitely not applicable to some apartments. See, for example, the listings below.

Exhibit A: Stunningly ... Average

Living in New York City gives you license to exaggerate -- a little. Bright rooms can be described as "sun-drenched." Rooms larger than 70 square feet can be classified as "generous." But in no city can you get away with calling a tiny, cluttered living room in a $2,746 per month, one-bedroom apartment "stunning."

Listing fail: Stunningly average.

Exhibit B: Stunningly Messy

It's a stretch, but we could probably see this apartment's potential to be "STUNNING" one day -- when all the construction tools, ladders and painting debris have been cleared.

Listing fail: stunningly messy apartment

Exhibit C: Stunningly Bland

You never know -- this apartment might actually be stunning. If we could see the rest of it... Because if the apartment is anything like this closet, it looks pretty run-of-the-mill to us. (These closets, however, are irrefutably stunning).

Listing fail: stunningly bland

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