KungfuTaxi Cheats and Tips

KungfuTaxi might not have won us over entirely when we reviewed the game earlier today, but if you're looking for some handy hints and tips for this auto-runner, then we've got all the info you need in our guide to the game.

How do I get three stars in KungfuTaxi?


To get a three star rating in the game, you're going to need to rescue every passenger, grab as many coins as possible, and also beat the level in a quick time. Don't forget to use the speed boost if you're missing out on a fast time - it can often make the difference.

How do I jump higher in KungfuTaxi?

To perform an even more impressive aerial feat, hit the jump button a second time when you're in mid-flight. This will give you an extra boost of height that's often essential if you want to grab every last coin and passenger.

How do I run faster in KungfuTaxi?

In order to get a there star rating on a level, you'll have to complete the level within a set amount of time. This is where the boost button comes in handy. Hold it down to get an extra bit of speed, but just be careful you don't throw yourself into enemies or obstacles!

Why did I lose a passenger in KungfuTaxi?


Every time you hit an enemy or obstacle in the game, your passengers will take a little damage. If they get hit twice they'll perish entirely, making it impossible to get a three star rating. Take it slowly when you're fully laden.

How does the coin boost work in KungfuTaxi?

For every 100 coins you collect in the game, you'll temporarily be given a boost which not only speeds you up, but also


makes you invulnerable for a short period of time. You can still steer the taxi up and down using the jump and duck buttons though, so take the opportunity to grab as many coins as possible during this special stage.

How do I avoid the cattle attack in KungfuTaxi?

Every now and then you'll have to face off against a stampeding line of cattle. It's OK to touch these monsters once you're riding on their backs, so jump on top of the line and simply ride it out! Be careful collecting coins during these moments though, as jumping might leave you in danger when the stampede ends.

How do I avoid the boulders in KungfuTaxi?


There are two different kinds of boulders in the game. The first kind roll along the ground and you simply need to jump over them. The boulders that fall from the sky bounce however, and you always need to slide underneath them. Keep an eye out on the road ahead so you know whether to prepare to leap or slide.

How do I avoid red zombies in KungfuTaxi?

The red zombies in the game like to jump around the scenery a lot. When you see one of these coming up, you'll need to hit the slide button to avoid being squished by them!

How do I avoid the alpacas in KungfuTaxi?

There are two different kinds of alpacas in the game, and you need to handle each one differently. You always need to slide under white alpacas, but you always need to jump over the red ones. Get familiar with both these types of creatures so you can handle them with ease while preparing for any upcoming obstacles.

How can I change the control layout in KungfuTaxi?


Reaching all of the buttons can cause a bit of finger-sprain on the iPad's larger screen, so experiment with the different layouts to find one that works for you. Once you're in the game, hit the pause button, then tap on the icon marked 'Button A'. Keep tapping to cycle through the different layout options.

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