Free-to-Play Spotlight: Hawken


Welcome to GameZone's Free-to-Play Spotlight where we check out the latest and greatest in free online games.

Our first game to tackle is the indie developed, mech-based shooter, Hawken. Mech games are usually somewhat slow when it comes to movement and combat. Not Hawken though. Each match is fast paced, and requires you to stay focused and constantly moving to stay alive.

Hawken is also streamlined for those that would love to start playing a mech game, but don't want to learn the intricacies of controlling one. Hawken is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of a First Person Shooter, to be able to hop online, get into a match, and have fun doing it.

If there is one thing to note about Hawken is that it's breathtakingly gorgeous. The dystopian environments, despite their destroyed nature look as beautiful as ever, and make for the perfect setting for each multiplayer match.


However the beauty also lies with the amount of customization for each mech. There is a staggering amount of customization from various weapon systems to chassis upgrades.

Hawken is currently in Open Beta which means you can head on over to the Sign Up page and start playing right away.