FarmVille 2 Love is in the Air Workshop Recipes: Everything you need to know


While we're used to new item themes in FarmVille 2 coming with limited edition food recipes in the Crafting Kitchen, now that the Crafting Workshop has been released, we're also seeing new recipes released there as well. Such is the case with the new Valentine's Day theme called "Love is in the Air." There are three new projects that can be completed using the items in this new romantic theme, and we're here with a complete guide to get you started.

The first project is the Rose Bouquet, which requires three Flasks and 12 Red Roses to create. The Flasks are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Red Roses can be grown using coins on your farmland. The Red Roses cost 34 coins per square to plant, and they grow in just four hours. That's pretty exciting if you have a lot of Flasks on hand, since you can create tons of these Rose Bouquets in a relatively short amount of time. A single Rose Bouquet can be sold for 1,800 coins.

The second recipe is for the Valentine's Day Wreath, which requires one Wool Thread Spindle and eight Camellia Japonica to craft. The Wool Thread Spindle can be created using six Sheep Wool and two Fine Rabbit Wool. As for the Camellia Japonica, this is earned by tending the matching Camellia Japonica Tree that can be purchased in the store for 12 Farm Bucks. It takes eight hours to harvest, but if you don't want to purchase a tree yourself, you can tend your friends' trees in the hopes of randomly receiving one that way. Of course, your friends will need to purchase one first as well. These Wool Thread Spindles can be sold for 700 coins on their own, but if you combine them with the Camellia Japonica, you'll be able to sell the Valentine's Day Wreath for 2,510 coins.

The final recipe is the Camellia Scented Bag, which requires two Wool Bolts and six Camellia Japonica to create. The Wool Bolts are a crafting recipe as well, and they require eight Wool to create (in two bundles of four). You'll be able to sell a single Camellia Scented Bag for 3,010 coins, and since this recipe requires less of the premium ingredient than the Valentine's Day Wreath, the extra Wool requirement is likely worth it.

These recipes will only be available for 28 more days, while the Love is in the Air theme will remain active in the marketplace for 19 days. If you're looking to stock up on Red Roses for the Rose Bouquet, make sure to plant as much of this limited edition crop as you can within that time limit.

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