Dan and Susie Kellogg's Family of 14 Lives in an RV Full-Time

Dan and Susie Kellogg's RV
Dan and Susie Kellogg's RV

Many of us joke (and dream) about selling our homes and packing up our belongings for a life of adventure -- but this Colorado family actually did it. Dan and Susie Kellogg, along with their 12 children -- including 4-month-old baby Coby -- sold their home to live full-time in an RV and roam around the United States. "We wanted to get rid of the mortgage, get rid of the car payments and breathe!" Susie Kellogg told "The Today Show." The Kelloggs previously lived in a sprawling home in the mountain town of Glenwood, Colo.

Dan and Susie Kellogg's RV
Dan and Susie Kellogg's RV

While most American families go to school and work, the Kellogg family spends their days on a school bus, learning on the road. (Susie and Dan home-school their 12 children, pictured at left.) After their lessons, the children are free to have "adventures" -- swim in the ocean, hike and explore nature. Susie and Dan, a software engineer, work remotely every day from their laptops.

All meals are cooked and eaten in the RV. (Due to limited space, the family has to buy food daily.) The family also sleeps in the RV most nights, but they camp outside whenever they can.

It might sound crazy, but many Americans have swapped the "normal life" -- a house in the suburbs, a backyard and a car -- for one that's a little more mobile and off-the-grid. Richard and Rachel Lane of San Francisco, Calif., also ditched their suburban life to live off the grid in a school bus. The couple have been living full-time on the bus for four years and don't pay rent or a mortgage -- only $100 a month in maintenance. They have the flexibility of living "wherever they want" and live in a manner that is socially aware and environmentally responsible.

"We wanted to make a home together, and this was a way we could own our own property and really create our own lifestyle," Rachel told AOL Real Estate earlier this month. "Living on a bus has given me so much perspective." Likewise, the Kellogg family enjoys being untethered from the constraints of traditional housing.

"This is what freedom is," Dan Kellogg told "The Today Show." "We've got the entire country as our backyard."