Crytek not intending to purchase Darksiders IP

Darksiders II Image
Despite the perception given off by Crytek's recent opening of an Austin-based studio, the company is not intending to to purchase THQ's Darksiders IP. Speaking to Gamasutra, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli acknowledged the company long had plans to open a U.S. branch; the recent disbanding of THQ's Vigil Studios just presented the right opportunity.

Crytek recently announced the opening of a new studio, Crytek USA, which is made up of about 35 game developers. And while some of Vigil's core team has been hired to fill some vacancies, there are other Austin-based developers working there. Though its former Vigil co-owner and general manager, David Adams, who is leading Crytek USA.

"We weren't just looking at Vigil's team [for recruitment], but the whole Austin development community," said Yerli. "Austin is a very small, connected community of game developers."

As for what the studio will work on, Crytek said it'd be "pretty much safe to say" the team will be working on online games and "kick-ass triple-A productions."

Gamezone"It is going to be quite a significant investment for Crytek over the next five years," Yerli added, concluding, "We saw this as an opportunity. These guys are jobless, we can save their jobs at the same time, we can move Crytek forward in the U.S., and make steps that are in line with our strategies."

In other Austin-based gaming news, Disney today confirmed the closure of Disney Interactive's Junction Point, the home of Warren Spector and the Epic Mickey franchise.

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