With Ballistic, KingsRoad maker looks to justify shooters on Facebook


Another contender in the battle to prove hardcore games' worth on Facebook has arrived. KingsRoad developer Rumble Entertainment has announced that it will publish Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio's Ballistic on Facebook. Much like competitors such as Offensive Combat, Ballistic is a first-person shooter with full-3D, near console quality graphics.

However, unlike U4iA's more humorous take on the genre, Ballistic seems to be a more serious approach with its tone. Ballistic was unsurprisingly created using Unity, but has surprisingly been in development for years, according to VentureBeat. Based on these early screen shots, that certainly shows: The environments in Ballistic are littered with impressive lighting and shadow effects as far as games on Facebook are concerned.

While Rumble is no stranger to "hardcore" games on otherwise "casual" platforms with KingsRoad and Nightmare Guardians in development for Facebook and mobile, respectively, this is the studio's first publishing venture. Given the seemingly strong push back from gamers regarding the idea of playing games on Facebook, it will be interesting to see whether Ballistic overcomes that. Well, gorgeous visuals and controller support (according to Rumble CEO Greg Richardson), are certainly a start.

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