This 84-year-old grandfather reacts to video games in the best ways

Grandpa video games
Grandpa video games

For most, it's tough to get their parents into video games. Most kids give up the ghost. But this grandfather seems to be all for it regardless of whether he's any good. In fact, based on the video upload by who must be his grandson, he's predictably terrible. But none of that really matters, because this grandpa reacts in some of the most hilarious, endearing and unpredictable ways to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.

Watch below as he hoots, hollers and makes all sorts of noises and faces as he jumps in and out of his seat letting that assault rifle trigger rip. Actually, that must be we were when we played video games for the first time. Don't you just miss that blissful state of mind?

[Via Mashable]

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