'Twin House' in Oklahoma City: Where 3 Successive Families Had Babies in Pairs


We've written plenty about homes with histories (for better or worse), but the story behind this Oklahoma City house is like nothing we've ever heard before. The pretty white house might not look much different from any other on the block, but if you ask its previous tenants, it's got some tricks up its sleeve. The last three couples who lived there all had twins. There's more: The twins in each case are of different sexes.

The first couple was Patrick and Jennifer Gaines. The pair had moved into the home at 209 NW 17th St. in April 2002. Though Jennifer already had given birth to twins -- daughter Cooper Christian Gaines and son Patrick Byrne Gaines Jr. were 4 months old when they moved in -- the twins were raised in the home. After the Gaines family moved out, Jonathon Storment and Tina Sawtelle moved in. They discovered not long afterward that Sawtelle was pregnant.

"I am sure we joked with them about twins," Gaines told The Oklahoman newspaper. "There was a lot of, 'Wouldn't it be cool if you had twins, too?'" As fate would have it, in January 2010, Storment and Sawtelle found out that they, too, were to be the parents of twins -- a boy and a girl.

Not long after, the family moved to Texas, and Chelsea and Brady Smith (pictured above) moved in. Chelsea had been warned by neighbors that the last two couples in the house each had boy-girl twins and to be careful, but the Smiths laughed it off. "I thought it was crazy," Chelsea Smith told The Oklahoman. "I thought, 'Well, a house doesn't make you have twins.' "

But in 2012 the couple found out they were to be parents of boy-girl twins. According to the Smiths, the past three families might not be the only ones who have been doubly blessed in the home: It's been rumored that other twins lived in the home many years before the Gaineses did. It's now been dubbed "The Twin House."

Though the Smiths take it lightly, many locals, perhaps not ready for such a handful of child care, are staying away from the home in fear of being the next parents of twins. "I have buddies who don't even drive down the block anymore," said Brady Smith.