And the winner is... Football game predicts Super Bowl 47 champs

madden nfl 13
madden nfl 13

Like clockwork, the Super Bowl arrives in late January/early February and EA Sports uses its Madden football game to predict the winner.

EA's video game is a top-notch pro football simulation, backed by the fact that this sim has correctly predicted 7 out of the past 9 Super Bowls. So, I'd be tempted to take this as gospel. It's (maybe) slightly more logical than putting your faith in a psychic octopus.

So, who will take home the Lombardi trophy this year? Find out by watching the exciting (virtual) conclusion to the Super Bowl 47 prediction below:

Oh yes, and if you're a football fanatic and don't yet own Madden NFL 13, go here to buy it post haste.

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